NANOPROTEC is a vibrant international brand created by the similarly-named European company that successfully develops, implements and improves complex innovative car chemistry, produced in the USA, Germany, Japan and many other global manufacturers.

The product portfolio of this company has more than 150 items of goods that meet the highest technical and quality standards, and many have no rival in the market.

We offer to use innovative technologies not only in the automotive, but also in the industrial sector and we are constantly expanding the range of products for private car owners, corporate clients and service stations of any level.

Our mission is simple – we form a culture of consumption of innovative products in the consumer and industrial sectors, allowing us to improve the quality of life of our consumers.

international partners
sporting events
4 000
пregular customers of car service
90 000
product consumers
120 000
litres of car engine oil
300 000
units of innovative products