The company’s history dates back to 2007 since the first appearance of NANOPROTEC protective compounds. Their work is based on the unique triboengineering technology. The main purpose of using these compounds is to protect wear metal surfaces, as well as to extend the life of components and assemblies of any mechanism.

Protective compounds determined the development thrust of the company, giving rise to the slogan of NANOPROTEC – Full protection.

For more than 10 years NANOPROTEC has been guided in its work by high standards related to production efficiency, and has been constantly improving technologies and searching for innovative solutions in the field of car chemistry. The manufacturer of our products are progressive and fast-growing companies that have their own R&D Centres and stand out among their competitors by developing innovations of the highest quality. The partnership with us is a partnership without borders and geographical restrictions. We actively cooperate with companies from the USA, Japan, Europe and the CIS countries.