The #10yearschallenge flash mob in social media evoked response in customers and in companies alike. Those who managed to reach success supported the wave willingly and demonstrated their achievements of the last 10 years.

These included Nanoprotec, which is well known to every car owner or everyone interested in cars and motor transport.

Nanoprotec brand history

Many people associate Nanoprotec with additives and oilless engines. Indeed, during the company’s first years, Nanoprotec products included mainly additives, while the product group included 6 items in total. But over the last decade Nanoprotec evolved into an international brand, and its range of products has grown to almost 100 product categories — from lubricants and windshield washers to motor oil and hi-tech nanocosmetics!

The quality of current Nanoprotec products meets world-class standards and even exceeds them in certain positions according to laboratory studies and customer feedback (including carriers, agricultural holdings, racing teams, and private buyers).

Nanoprotec products

Nanoprotec has its own scientific and research centre in place, and uses tactical sports cars and company vehicles of Nanoprotec for testing of new products and enhancement of the existing ones. This way the company is able to assess performance under real-life conditions and in various modes and get feedback on Nanoprotec products available at as follows:

  • oils;
  • protective mixtures and solutions;
  • nanocosmetics;
  • process fluids;
  • mixtures and solutions for electrical protection.

Service station and motor transport

Nanoprotec opened the same-name full-cycle service station at 22 Kiltseva Doroha in Kyiv in 2018. The whole range of works (from car washing and scheduled maintenance to painting and post-accident recovery) is performed there. Moreover, rally and drifting cars of many Ukrainian drivers and teams are maintained there.

Nanoprotec has big plans for 2019, including product range expansion, complete rebranding, and access to new foreign markets. As before, Nanoprotec intends to support motor racing and even has scheduled a social educational project for racing car construction based on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and VAZ-2108 by students.