NANOPROTEC has been associated with autochemicals, oils and additives, which were time-tested in motor racing, for over 10 years. Multifunctional additives NANOPROTEC SGA APROHIM and SDA APROHIM were launched in the Ukrainian market in April 2019. This is the first product manufactured in cooperation with car blogger Kostiantyn Zarutskyi, who is better known as AcademeG.

AcademeG gained popularity for his reckless experiments with cars and his honest unbiased test drives. NANOPROTEC always supports challenging car projects and ventures, be it creation of a racing Volga or a drifting limo, a trip to Africa on a crashed Moskvich, or a limo trip across Ukraine.

NANOPROTEC and AcademeG collaboration is another step to integration and cooperation with top world bloggers and development of the Internet car community without any limits and conventions.


The product range under NANOPROTEC APROHIM brand is represented by multifunctional cleaners and lubricants for diesel and gasoline fuel systems. They have a more efficient formula and are suitable for continuous use.

NANOPROTEC and APROHIM joint products are easily identified by their unique new package in red and black and by a characteristic A letter, which is AcademeG’s emblem. The letter A on the package means that SGA and SDA were tested and approved by Kostiantyn Zarutskyi.


  • Support of fuel nozzles, injectors and pumps performance parameters.
  • Ensuring efficient fuel combustion and low fuel consumption.
  • Regular gentle cleaning off soot deposits from low-quality fuel.
  • Protection of fuel injection equipment against water and condensate in fuel.


Apart from cleaners and lubricants, NANOPROTEC APROHIN SA-100 silicon wax is available in Ukraine since April.

Silicone wax purpose

  • Prevents rubber seals freezing and sticking.
  • Lubricates door locks, hinges, and other moving parts of mechanisms.
  • Seals the ignition system from moisture.