Nanoprotec has gathered a record number of supercars at its service station. An exclusive show of Ukraine’s best cars took place on 23 May within the framework of the Outox Super Cars Run grand start. According to the participants and guests of the event, Ukraine had not yet seen such a major rally of supercars and a great show. Roaring engines resounded throughout Kyiv, and exotic car owners from all over the country crowded Nanoprotec station until late at night. As part of the grand supercars show, the participants of the run could taste Outox and signature Outox-based cocktails.

What is this? Outox (which shall be pronounced as [Autoks], though some say [Outoks]) is a natural fructose and vitamin C-based carbonated drink. Its unique formula makes Outox a unique drink in the market to eliminate toxic substances and reduce hangover effects. Through the support of this event and other events in Ukraine, Outox supports drive and emotions in sound mind and right senses. During the party at Nanoprotec service station, anyone who felt like it could admire the masterpieces of car industry represented by iconic car brands, and also get unforgettable experience at the beatbox show, DJ battle and breakdance show. The TWERK battle of butt and hip queens aroused particular interest of the guests.

Outox party at Nanoprotec


The Outox party at Nanoprotec service station was attended by exclusive car owners, showbiz stars and prominent representatives of car industry. Among them were the TV presenters and popular comics as well as Max Shkinder, Ukrainian-born McLaren supercars designer who lives and works in London.

By the way, for these and other guests of honor was on the bins of the service center was hidden a big surprise — a unique and unique Batmobile 6 and a half meters long!

After a prolonged event the next day, the participants of the race were stocked up with Autox and solemnly set off from Kiev to Odessa, where the OUTOX cocktail party was waiting for them at the REEF restaurant.
By the way, a great surprise was waiting for the honoured guests — a unique 6.5 m Batmobile!

The event lasted longer than expected, and the next day the participants of the run stocked up with Outox and made a grand start from Kyiv to Odesa, where the OUTOX cocktail party was waiting for them at the REEF restaurant.

In the morning of 25 May, the Pearl at the Sea became a haven for the parade of high-status cars followed by a drag race. The All-Ukrainian run of supercars was finished at the Ibiza Club by an award ceremony for the contest winners. And more is still to come! Nanoprotec and Outox are going to organize an even grander and more spectacular event, including a show of exclusive cars and a concert program with the participation of the world showbiz stars.