We present you a purebred Soviet German. There is no such thing, is it? Everything is possible with Nanoprotec car-care centre! This unique project was presented to the public on May 23, 2019, during the Outox-party at the territory of our car-care centre.

The uniquely designed project clearly shows how the Soviet Pobeda could look like if it was released now. Despite a completely new body, we managed to remain such Mercedes-like conveniences as door closers, electric drive of seats, etc.

Features and advantages

  • Impressive appearance
  • Low cost of the donor
  • Spare parts availability

Every day is a holiday in this car. And this is that rare case when such a spectacular coupé, in which it is impossible to go unnoticed, is quite suitable for everyday use. After all, technologically this is the usual factory-made Mercedes. The car is for sale, the price is 60,000 Euro.