NANOPROTEC always supports major motor events in Ukraine — from racing cars construction to sponsorship of international rally stages. The XI international Rally Fortecya 2019, which took place on 11-12 May in Kamianets-Podilskyi, was no exception and brought together a record number of visitors, photographers, cameramen and the most titled sportspersons.

The organizers filled the 330 km track with all sorts of additional obstacles: from new ramps and steep turns to water obstacles and simulated river crossings.

Two days of real drive, fight for every single second in the circuit, and roaring engines. The fans could not keep their emotions down, as FORTECYA is among Ukraine’s most complex and vibrant circuits.

An incredible 40-meter ramp jump performed by Maksym Shykov and Anastasiia Makova crew on Renault Clio Williams made the hearts of the audience miss a beat for a fraction of a second.

The “favourites” were in it as well. The title of the most “mature” duo was won by Volodymyr Petrenko and Oleksandr Boreiko. They share a total of 114 common years of experience! The crew was the third to finish, and demonstrated they were the best of the best in spite of their 5-year break.

Practically all crews performed with the support of NANOPROTEC — Ukraine’s leader of innovative autochemicals. Motor racing is an important component of our policy, since autochemicals are tested in tough sports field conditions involving actual performance indicators of engines and other units.