The commercial production of NANOPROTEC has been going on for more than 10 years. The well-equipped research centres for manufacturers of all types of NANOPROTEC products provide for a continuous data receipt on the practical use of compounds and the development of measures to improve innovative formulas in the tribology. The properties of minerals and their combinations are constantly being studied, and new more effective products are being developed.

Along the way we have learned to determine the quality of products based on data on the use and comparative analysis with the products of competitors. Today, the NANOPROTEC has its own research and development centre based on a full-cycle car service station. In addition, the testing of new products utilizes combat racing cars and the NANOPROTEC’s own car fleet, involves laboratories and research institutes, and private companies. This allows us to assess the performance of all products, compliance with the specifications stated in real conditions, in the modes of normal operation and increased load.