The product portfolio of NANOPROTEC has more than 150 types of products, which usage demonstrate positive effects that guarantee proper operation and wear protection, increasing of the service life of components and mechanisms, as well as facilitate car care.

Daily operation of cars and trucks, improvement of technical characteristics and life extension of components and assemblies of racing cars, increasing of the reliability and endurance of racing cars for unconditional success in competitions.

Processing of differentials, transfer gearboxes and other off-the-road vehicles to increase reliability during tough off-road operation and trophy-raids.

The use on specialized and agricultural machinery, and also the use in two-wheeled motor vehicles.


The use in a specific machinery — rare cars, boats, jet skis, ATVs and road-building vehicles.

The use in car-care centres for complex and specialized services, the domestic use of products for troubleshooting and extending their service life.

The use in light and heavy industry, private and corporate production and in factory lines.